To be a vibrant and all inclusive network of practitioners of the cultural and creative economy to enhance creativity and innovativeness, commercialization, networking and integration of the creative industries into national development strategies and global markets.



Through strategic partnerships to carry out needs assessment of the creative industry in Tanzania, organize and provide innovative services towards improving practitioners’ capacities with services for business development, technology, copy rights, statistics and analysis.



TACIN has identified following five strategic objectives through which the vision shall be achieved:

1. Sensitization/ awareness objectives;
2. Capacity building objectives;
3. Advocacy objectives
4. Industries commercialization and networking objectives; and

5. Promotion and events management objectives;




Tanzania Creative Industries Network (TACIN) is a Tanzanian registered, non-partisan, non-profit and non-government organization based in Dar es Salaam. The organization brings together patriotic Tanzanians with diverse professions and experiences who have satisfied themselves with the creative industries as an important development option deserving much attention.

TACIN endeavors to cooperate and work with the Government and other like minds in the efforts of nurturing and building upon cultural assets already existing to enhance the economic potential of the creative industries in order to foster inclusive and sustainable employment, economic growth and to improve trade both, at domestic, regional and international markets.

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